Our People


Jim Robinson
Jimís background is business development, marketing and consulting in both the agriculture and technology sectors. He is a licenced real estate professional in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and is responsible for the continued development of FNC Sereconís practice and client base. A graduate of agriculture at the University of Manitoba, Jim grew up on a farm in southwestern Manitoba.
Trevor Birchall
Trevor has a background in agricultural economics, and has expertise in appraisal and management consulting. A graduate of the University of Alberta, Trevor is as Professional Agrologist as well as a certified appraiser. Raised on a farm northwest of Calgary, he is experienced in farming operations.
Email Trevor 403-216-2113
Terry Longtin
Based in Grand Forks, North Dakota, Terry is responsible for farm managers and real estate operation in Farmers National Companyís Northern Area. Raised on a North Dakota farm, Terry holds an agriculture degree in farm and ranch management from the University of North Dakota, is an Accredited Farm Manager, and is the FNC Serecon broker for real estate, licensed in Alberta and Saskatchewan.
Email Terry 218-779-0892
Cheryl March
An original member of Serecon, Cheryl manages the day to day operations of the office, and is responsible for client reporting, financial reporting, A/P, A/R, and payroll. Cheryl holds a Certificate of Business Management, with Honors, from MacEwan University.
Email Cheryl 780-448-7440
Glen Doll
Glen has a background in agricultural economics. His expertise includes appraisal and consulting projects pertaining to agriculture and agricultural property, including: mortgage, estate, expropriation and surface rights. Raised on a farm in southwestern Saskatchewan, Glen is a graduate of the University of Alberta, a Professional Agrologist and Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute (AACI).
Email Glen 780-448-0542
Dave Englund
Dave is responsible for hiring, training and supervising field operations for Farmer National Company. He oversees the management of nearly 5000 farms comprising over 2 million acres of farmland, managed by over 100 professional farm managers. Raised on a Nebraska farm, Dave holds an agricultural business degree from Kearney State College, is an Accredited Farm Manager and has numerous certifications in real estate and crop insurance.
Email Dave 402-496-3276
Randy Dickhut
Randy is responsible for overseeing all real estate operations for Farmers National Company, including all sales, purchases and appraisals of farm or ranch land. With a degree in accounting from Quincy College, Randy is an Accredited Farm Manager. As a former Iowa farmer himself, he came through the ranks of FNC as a farm manager before joining the senior management team.
Email Randy 402-496-3276
Bob Burden
Bob has extensive experience as a professional evaluator and analyst. He is an expert in using both quantitative and qualitative information in assessing the impact of critical factors on the value of business operations. Bob has owned and managed agri-food businesses, including a dairy farm and a poultry processing operation. Bob is a Certified Valuations Analyst, a Professional Agrologist and holds masters degrees in business and agriculture.
Email Bob 780-448-7440
Diane Adshead
Diane is an original member of Serecon. She works with our team to complete professional reports for our clients. Diane ensures that our reports are presented in a consistent format that our clients come to know. Her administrative expertise allows our specialists to concentrate on producing value added results
Email Diane 780-448-7440
Bruce Simpson
Bruce is a seasoned veteran in the agriculture industry. He has completed numerous appraisals relating to expropriation, and surface rights situations throughout Canada and provided expert testimony concerning rural real estate appraisal and agrology. Bruce also has experience with feasibility studies, viability assessments, and land use studies. A Professional Agrologist and Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute (AACI), Bruce grew up on a farm in southeastern Alberta and is a graduate of agriculture at the University of Alberta.
Email Bruce 780-448-7440
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