Farm and Ranch Management

In our farm management practice, we give landowners the peace of mind their land's productivity is being preserved. 


We actively manage the relationship with the renter, ensuring fair rental rates for all, and farming practices that preserve the health of the land. Investing in farmland is typically secure and can create diversification in an effective long-term investment strategy.  


A brief description of how we help: 


        Learn from you what your goals are for your land. 


        Secure an agronomically and economically capable renter to ensure your land is treated just as well as the renter's land. 


        Negotiate fair market rent and have a written lease signed. 


        Collect rent and provide regular accounting statements to you. 


        Review and approve the renter's cropping plans, inputs and rotations. 


        Inspect the farm and crops during the growing season, and provide written and photographic reports to you. You know what's going on with your land from the independent viewpoint of a professional agrologist. 


        Secure favourable commodity prices for clients in joint venture or custom farming arrangements. 

The peace of mind you deserve. Let us help with your farmland.