We Work with Many Professions

We work alongside other types of professional advisors by presenting available options for farmland, whether their clients are keeping or selling it. 


Farm Succession Planners work with farm families to help them build a plan that transitions the farm between generations, whether the next generation farms the land or keeps it as an investment.  


Farm Family Coaches are expert in family dynamics and helping address the emotional components that almost always exist in the transition of assets between family members. 


Accountants structure tax planning properly, and can contribute to plans for transferring assets, as well as helping to build financial plans going forward. 


Lawyers provide will and estate planning expertise, and may also deal in mediation and family law for clients who become landowners as a result of different kinds of life events, such as divorce.  


Banks and Credit Unions can play roles as experts in finance in several different areas, including lending funds for land acquisition, helping manage the money generated from a land sale, and many other essential services. 


Financial Planners know that diversification is a key component of any effective investment strategy, and can help to build a balanced portfolio that includes land assets. 


Insurance Agents can provide guidance to landowner families where it makes sense to have insurance in place for some of the people involved in the planned transfer of assets.  

The peace of mind you deserve. Let us help with your farmland.