Company Overview

FNC Serecon 


Serecon has partnered with Farmers National Company to form FNC Serecon, bringing farmland management and farm real estate services to Canada with the strength of experienced agrologists, farm asset managers and proven support systems.  We believe that all owners of farmland deserve the peace of mind that they and their land are being treated properly. 





Formed in 1991 and employee-owned, Serecon provides professional business services to individuals, businesses, and government that operate or have a footprint in agriculture and rural areas in Canada and internationally. Serecon clients can be found in all livestock and crop sectors, as well as upstream and downstream industries related to agriculture.  Our services also support land and property owners, legal and financial institutions, the investment industry, the oil & gas sector, road and utility managers, First Nations, and government.  



Farmers National Company 


Farmers National Company is the largest landowner services company in the U.S. Since 1929, we have been offering professional farm management and real estate sales, and have expanded to include a complete range of agricultural services for landowners including resource management, appraisals, insurance and commodity marketing. Our clients are assured of the best and most profitable management of their farm investments.  We are proud to be employee owned. 


The peace of mind you deserve. Let us help with your farmland.